Monday, April 21, 2008

Saw many things today when going home. 1st, i wan to tell those uncle and auntie! can you all don't have the thinking of if you all never board the bus at that moment,there will be no bus for u all to board forever spirit!!! i know is good to have the same spirit at the same time! but this is not a team building game!!!!!

ok,saw something good and funny today.i saw two sister,1 age ard 3 and 1 age ard 8.the big sister was running in front and the younger was chasing behind.then suddenly the big sister make a U - turn and go behind the younger back.and that confuse plus blurr younger sister was still running straight trying to look for her sister. LOL
This remain me of how my whole family use to trick my meimei by hiding tgt all of a sudden and letting her to find us.But it was always the same result as she will cry and run to find us at the same time.=)lalalas..

Nxt i saw something that is very "loving". i saw two uncle,yes is UNCLE! one uncle is cycling while the other is hugging the uncle in front as he is sitting behind the bicycle. i believe they are jus two very very good friends.LOL