Monday, April 7, 2008

Have my 1st day of school today..wake up in the morning..veri not use to it! Bus 25 to amk and them mrt to woodland. (btw, there was an mrt accident at bukit .... station, train was delay) i was not late! LOL..

Was in same team as pk haz and another gal. lesson was boring and i really don't know what i learning now got to do with my future.been viewing friend blog and chatting on msn. presentation everyday. stomach was screaming all the way from morning to the end!!! canteen was packed packed packed.. gt a bread and nugget for the whole day. class was fun when presentation start. damm lucky that i'm the 1st team to present.hahaha

Reached home, have a big bowl of fried rice and i'm still hungry!!

bread to school tml by mama!! breakfast and lunch will be bread!