Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shopping with li xin and xin yi today!! TAKA,FAR EAST and P.S. i spent ard $$$.$$!! cash! (kill me pls)

meet them at hougang station the train to orchard.went breek for lunch.after that start shopping at TAKA to spent my $100 voucher. brought a converse slipper.two glass diary book.two small pouch.colour marker.stationary.

off to far east after that.brought two shirt and xinyi brought a vest.walk for awhile more then went off to p.S.brought 3 sushi for my dinner.xinyi and lixin each brought a shirt and shoes.legs was breaking and feeling sleepy and tired.and i haven brought any short which i mean to

CAKE baking tml =)

(sorry jm!! meet u again nxt time.i will go and find u.i promise! )