Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today when for the rp orientation,ytd nite was nt nervous bt i jus can't get to sleep!!!
wake up early in the morning,even early then my sis...bus 161 was packed with people,so
lisa and ya wen was not able to go to school with me

Reach school..alone..walk to my class.
Lecturer list out the attendance list and then i saw Peng Kiam name..LOL
was same class as him. then after that lecturer start telling us what we will be doing
for the semester...break..canteen was full of people..and my stomach start to scream!!! was so pai seh..scare the person next to me can was lisa..hahaha

Orientation ended..when causeway point with lisa yawen jas jac for lunch..all was damm damm hungry!!

found out a new way of going/to home/school which take me las then and hour =)
and wat is bad about rp is that you can't slp in class...cus the class is small and there's laptop
in front of us =(