Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Second day of school...

when out of house early today. mama make 3 bread for me..LOL..
reach sch.was ard 8.50.reach before the lecturer. team mates for today was luvy,mosses,barry.
was veri socialable and friendly. started to discuss about today topic and presentation.lunch at 1pm with jac,jas,lisa and luvy. eat a big big plate of fish (was so hungry,forget to take the photo of the dish) was a veri veri big plate.jac had some conclusion of how come the fish was so big.haha.

back in class,presentation again.was still nervous.can't reali speak properly,will use to it soon..and and and, my team was the 1st team to do presentation again -_-! wonder tml will it be my team 1st again.lalalalas( i don't really mind too)
meet up with lisa and yawen,bused back to woodland then mrt to amk. home sweet home.

lesson in rp was like robot as we do the same thing everyday except that the subject is different. standardize things to do everyday. today was not so nervous.was great that most of my class mates are socialable people which we are able to make friend and communicate fast.reading blog,blogging and msn was wat i will do usually. ytd was reading jia min blog and today was xiaxue. really gt to thank those people who blog.LOL..i gt thing to read when nth to do.