Sunday, April 27, 2008

Okok,i shldn't have gone for the lalalas..$17.50 is alot of money!! thanks to my ah min and mel mel tan in convincing me!!argh!! hahaha..i did try to stop myself from going when ah min ask me on fri!! and we chat for abt 10 to 20 min on the topic.But mel msg me again on sat,then i start to sway,hence,i end up in k-box on sun 2pm instead at home baking!!

anyway,was fun!=) we are taking photo for the 1st 2 hrs instead of really singing..LOL.and i got to go off at 5 =(.i wan stay de!!! and we decide to have a gathering on thurs for dinner!! SECONDARY SCH CLICK!!! GATHERING on 1ST OF MAY(THURS)!!DINNER!!!

went bugis to meet chyng then go to her hs.dinner was curry,roti prata and roasted duck with rice.funny combination.then watch the genting and china trip skill is not bad k!!LOL

Mel mel tan!!!


Chyng jie jie