Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday again!=)

been sch for 3 week le.many things change.sec sch is after sch go band or shopping or eating at compass or hougang mal.poly is after lesson.HOME! or shopping mos of the time is tired and want to go HOME!weekend will be CAKES & CAKES.then is another week start.

YEAH!!!interview on tues!gt to rush down.5.30.hope i can reach at that time.MONEY MONEY!

today lesson everyone(me,luvy,py,susu) is quiet,due to our ms luvy is slpy and quiet.LOL.get high oni when after sch our susu started to get high and we started to laugh and crap!susu!!qi ting aso dun wan u.LOL.

*susuana - wat photo u wan huh??=)