Thursday, August 5, 2010

Waiting for 12pm to come.
while waiting,let do some posting.

Had a bread just now which jie brought home.
Daddy suddenly came out of the room and the 1st thing on my mind,
I will get like crazy nagging or scolding if he saw me eating at this hour.
My family is those kind of NO SUPPER or food after dinner time.
Unless is food that they brought home or special reason.
That why i can only crave for mac in my mind during night time when i am hungry =(

Overspent last month.
Mean i can only look and not buy anything this month =(
Only when you start to earn and use your own money,
then you will realise the pain when you see the amount keep going down.LOL
No more good food this month,except for meal out with my ET :D
Please remind myself to call lx tml!!! Can you call me instead if you saw this :D

Daddy had been working OT this full week.
Which mean mummy is at home alone every dinner time.
Jie ask should we bring her out for movie tml,
but the movie we going to watch is those sad and crying movie.
Me : "Bring her and we 3 cry together in the cinema? " LOL
(damm funny man)
Jie : " I will smack her if she cry too" ( Just Kidding la )
Me : LOL

I shall be a good girl and go to school tomorrow :D