Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some photos to be upload 1st since i had abit of time.
Time fly so fast~~
Heart is pumping so fast whenever i log into the sch web.
Scare that i will see some company which i will go : OMG,i dun want!!!!

This girl,with the comb on her hair on all photos,
is my going home/cabbing buddy!
Till we met the others girls during our mid year 3,
then we change the habit of walking home.
LOL. Triiiiciaaaaaaa,mei sen <3>
I will miss her most man!!!
We had been going home everyday for like 1 and the half year!
Lucky she stay quite near,high chance of seeing her if i go to amk :D

and not forgetting Charlene.
Our forever late queen and very very good temper person!
Never seen her angry no matter how much we piss her off :D
and she is worst than me,forever online shopping.
The moment her com is on,the only thing that appear is shopping web!
A very nice friend to have.

Till then,continue another day with all the photos :D