Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Sim card decide to die on me ytd =(
Going down to tampines to collect the new one tml.

Went to tampines and watch Aftershock today with chyng.
Is her third tme watching though.LOL
Dinner with jie and shumin,then home sweet home.
because both me and jie slept at 4am ytd due to some very exciting game.
Going to teach my mj khaki to play next time,
so that other then mj,we got more healthy game to do.

Not forgetting,starhub suck to the max.
Call their hotline,for a total of like 1 and 1/2hr in total,
nobody answer.Piss off to the max!

Watch Love in Disguise ytd.
Suski sushi buffet after that.
Not going to have suski sushi for quite sometime,
been eating lesser and lesser stuff from there,except of the salmon sashimi.
After that,nail painting at fareast.
No photo taken,because my phone cannot on without the sim card =(

Damm suay and fated.Before going out of the house,
i suddenly decide to take out the red phone from the pouch,
thinking that i don't want to bring 2 out as it is quite heavy.
Then the camera was on the table looking at me too,
but i decided that i shall use my hp to take photo on the day.
Then,after taking only 1 photo,my phone hang,then turn off!!! -_-!!