Monday, August 16, 2010

So tired now,but i haven bath =(

Photo shooting tml,
please let everything goes smoothly~
The webby thingy is already making me going crazy soon
and my stomach is giving me problem like having diarrhea.
Everything goes in,come out in like few min time. WTH!! =(

and my nose flu,is back again.
Seriously,it is so accurate than any forecasting la.
Whenever the weather change,my nose will inform me by making me suffer!!!
and i don't wish to use the mecidine everytime(everyday),
scare that my body will use to it and next time i had to change to a stronger one.

I just want to go to bed and sleep now!
But looking at the mess of thing in front of me now,
i can already forsee what will happen in the morning if i don't clear it now!
My dad will go crazy and pull me out of the bed in the morning at 6am! =(