Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today mark the day where HauteUrban is ard for 2 years!!!
Sound short but every effort,hardship to maintain it was like years~~

So excited regarding this month.
Will be changing the layout like finally!
It so hard to design the layout myself,
especially when i am not those creative person.
But still,have to draft out the design as fang is still having her FYP.
If not,she say that it should be her job instead~
Is fun drafting the design,but end up wasting Paper and Pen Ink.
Should have use pencil to draw instead,must save the earth =)

Bags coming in on next saturday (Pray hard)
Photo shooting on next next week (Pray hard the model will not MIA suddenly)
Pray hard sumin will not go oversea,so that we can borrow her car :D LOL

Going to work myself like hell tml.
Mountain of the shoes waiting to be package.
Chyng!!! why must your stupid sch had camp at this type of day!!! :D
The 2 days that you never came over was so wrong!!!
Deduct your pay!!! Jie say one!!! LOL..hahaha

and one last thing,
Daddy treat me Mac Breakfast today!!!
I brought the most expensive one. LOL
So nice to be pamper =)
But,of course,a price to pay for that!
I woke up at 8am in the morning when i slept at 12 ytd,
to go and help that stupid 琳 for her stupid CPF thing!
Because daddy say,even if ask her go,also no use!
Too stupid liao :P