Friday, August 13, 2010

Looking at the photos in my com waiting to be upload,
is so super OMG! lazy.

Will post it up asap once i got the mood,ok. LOL

Wanted to get this Sony NEX-5 camera,
but daddy wanted me to take the olympus pen one instead.
Hmm,wondering which one should i get.
Wanted NEX - 5 is because it is small,portable and light,
but abit ex too also la,$1200.
and my dad is also like very excited on me getting a new cam,
he wanted to bring me down to IT mall to buy it,
since last month,when i told him i want a camera. LOL

Oh,and not forgetting,today is the last day of my poly studying life.
Will miss the time in RP and the friends too.
Next up will be attachment and then graduate! So fast!!!