Monday, August 9, 2010


So as usual,chyng family came over to our house
Instead of having the usual BBQ,we call for delivery this year~
Love the companies always <3>
The cake that i customise for mummy!!!
So pretty!
Very please with their services,EMI Cakes.
I didn't state how many roses i want,but they do 48 roses for me,
as it was mummy 48th Birthday :D
(opps,she don't allow us to say that,thus,there only one candle on the cake) LOL

After the cake cutting session,is a exercise time for us. LOL
Especially chyng,thanks to this little girl below,Venus.
She make chyng play badminton,skipping ropes and running with her.
WHAHAHAHAHA,is damm funny! For the whole night,we are laughing like mad.
She is just damm cute,and she forbid me to watch NDP on the television too,
because she want me to look at her and chyng playing badminton. LOL

This is one of the thing she does.
Asking everyone to take photo with the I Love Singapore!
Photo where she is not in the pic is all taken by her.