Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes,i'm msning with melissa tan right now!!! she is damm so funny!!! my da jie was beside me too!!! she saw mel type this to me : "how i wish u were here every moment"..and my sis say : "aiyo,yr friend so disgusting one ar"!!! i was like LOL LOL...and when i want to make sure i was talking to mel tan and not other people i ask her to prove me somthing.then my sis say :"ask her for the secret password"..i was like laughing like hell with this two person la!!!!mel tan!!!that will be me and u de secret answer from now onward k =)

and dinner i cook today (ok,with a little help from mummy)

i'm going to bake my banana butter cake now!!!
curious why i bake for 2 days??bcus,i realise that my flour left with 2 more day,and is going to be expired!!! LOL and another packet is going to expired on 26(which is still a brand new packet)
so,i will be baking starting from ytd :D

i have been using the virus dectect software given by jas since afternoon till now and is only at 17.3% sooooo far!!! and let see...i have...erm ...19010 being detected so far!!!so oldies!!! u can imagine the sound of being detect had been started from afternoon till now without any stopping!!!