Monday, April 6, 2009


Afternoon mahjong at jm hs..woot~finally i win money!!!why?bcus finally i'm not sitting beside daniel anymore!!!bt zhong won the most and erm..our poor jm!!!when home at 7 plus and then waited for the time to reach 11.45 and finally they are to punggol end for prawning!!

Got to thanks jm and cheryl for letting me take the rod for almost 3 hrs because i was the only one left with prawns!!!thanks for giving me hopes ya!! and jm!!! u are so fortuate bcus when u wake up the next day is the time when i'm going to have my dinner at work!!!

~we went prawning 1st,then after that to changi to look at ah gua (real pretty sia) and eat nasi lemak,then to "da bo gong" to pray(ya,hard to imagine right,8 teenager when to pray in the early morning at ard 4 plus)

*zx,i got help u to pray for your passing of licence!!!i'm waiting for my holland village!!! woot :D

Photos do the talks...

Getting ready~

Wating with so much of hope~

Waiting with the helps of the girls~

~after losing and dying of hope for the 2hr plus...finally~~

~and then something happen!!!MY PRAWN get back it freedom into the POND bcus of MR CJZ which might be thinking of wanting to do some "charity"!!!!

~Prawn that "they" Caught

~ on the way to..erm...i also dun know~

~temple!!! they have kill so many prawns,so the guys wanted to go "ji dian de"(except for me la)

~my Prawns "SAVER" is the one second from the photo!!!

and lastly lets thank our driver!!! MR daniel low,even though he will not let off any chances at the prawning place whenever someone caught a prawn or what,he will do this to me :

and mel tan was forever thinking i might atch a fish instead of prawn -_-!!