Saturday, April 18, 2009

Went to tampines mall with mama ytd morning!! Tampines 1 is full with sooo many people!! and the japanese clothes store is still full with people quening up to go in!!after scan through the mall,we decide to go over to tampines mall to have our lunch at there instead! shop around,didn't buy anything and keep wanting to go home to sleep as will be meeting the "clicks" later for dinner...(me,jm,mel,hj,jz and dan)

Dinner at chomp chomp!!!and mel tan wanted me to "drink" to full so that she can eat all her kangkong by brought us this gaintic drink!!!~ after dinner slack around and finally decide to go jm hs for mahjong!!! finally again!! JM FINALLY won mahjong out of so so so many rounds at her house!!!!after was "chase" home by jm as she gt to work early the next morning ~

~Stupid couples!!! LOL..ok...i mean the pervert one!!hahaha

~that our usual exercise =)

The guys are like feeling hungry after haven so full of their dinner hrs is time our dear mr dan driver to appear again and off we go to selegie road to eat beancurd,soya milk,you tiao "i didn't really eat!bad stomach =( "

Home after that?! NO!!! bcus SL no work today!!! yeah!!! so went to pick up nigel as the guys wanna to go drink and slack at ard buangkok home at 6,sleep at 7...wake up at 10 plus a auto body wake up!!!argh!!!i can't sleep more than that man!!!