Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally i get to see them!!!meet up fel 1st at town!!! as our ms singsing is still at home slping when we are shopping halfway i finally got myself a bagpack at fareast after soooooo long!!! :D then wait for singsing to come and go over to hereen to see fel "spin the bottle" de bags!!! bt only see only la..also nv buy..hahaha...

Lunch at pastamania~

Bus to bugis!haji lane 1st,and my foot is like omg calling for help!!singsing too,her poor foot keep on "chow jing" dinner at V8 and watch a free movie!!"ponyo" while waiting for vaneh to reach =)..then off to bugis street to search for fel and singsing bags!!each brought one home and vaneh brought the very funny shirt which i wanted to buy too (other design la) =(...wanted to go back to see singsing shoes but the shop closed when we got back -_-!!! anyway!!lucky meet up with them bfore sch reopen!!!:D:D

Stair which almost kill my legs!!~

ps - ah fang dun be sad k!!!we will wait for u till u pass one!!! :D