Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sch today was real erm...i dun know how to say...lappy was dead on me totally during meeting 3..so was brought down to IT help desk for rescue..4hrs of resucing and the "doctors" who are there saving my lappy was all shaking their heads!!! SL com "shock" them by having hell lots of virus...anyway,now my lappy can setup within 30 secs :D

and ya...my shoes was spoil too!!!rmb my year 1 sem 1,my slipper was spoil in sch too and i had to spent $10 plus to get myself another one in sch!! and year 2 sem 1,my shoes was spoil again!!! however,i did try my very best to drag it all the way till i reach woodlands to get myself another pair of slipper -_-!!year 3 sem 1 i sure i will put extra pair of shoes in my bag!!

Botak jones with zx!!yeap!finally i went there..hmm..was not to my expectation of the food..was so-so only...as usual we talk like hell,and the most important thing that we want to discuss (which was also one of the main purpose) was totally forgot by both of us!! LOL..and we walk all the way from there to kovan.Durian creeps for "dessert".we had a hard time because both of us was freaking in need of toliet!!



Some photos of my new classmates~~