Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ok,a quick quick post!!
Today is WED,so SL is at home!!! woot~~~~~

School was ok,except that i was late on the 2nd day and i did not do my self evaluation on the 1st day...=(..

Class mates look ok for the moment~I love my lesson!!! unlike my year 1,i only like enterprise and culture out of the 5 module!!Lesson for this year was fun(especially it is what i wanted to learn)
Class ytd was fun,noise started to come out...but sad to say,we have to change our class again during sem 2 =(

I going to ban myself for mahjong for one month because i realised that i have been playing..erm..hell lots of mahjong during the holidays!!!so people,pls dun come physco me k....zx!!!u aso!!!no mahjong for you!!! :D