Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When out today with chyng to hunt for jie present!!! was to meet her at plaza sing 12pm because our movie start 1pm...well, 11.50 i was still using my com looking at the movie timing..and when i shut down the com and look at the clock..i was start 1,i need to reach there 1 hr before and now was 12!argh!!!! ok,i'm so late for the 1st time,quickly grab all my thing and lucky i had already change my chyng went to have her lunch by herself! =/ real real sorry!!! :D

Then movie,wanted to watch Edison that movie but none of the cinema had that show already=(
We watch shinjuku..scary..hahaha..i think in the middle part i was covering my eye and ear asking chyng to tell me whether the scene pass already then tell me...
After that train to bugis to search for our things..but nothing interest us so walk over to suntec..yes!! i finally brought my long wanted chair!!! :D
Cab back to chyng house for dinner and waited for papa and mama to come to move all my things back home! Shopping day for me !