Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ok,since what had done have been done,then i think SL should do some talking and i don't think acting blur can save that msg! as he had send that msg!!

To the him,firstly and lastly,i want to say that you can still live happily in this world and not making yourself disappearing or vanish as i really don't think you are the reason that cause our sisters! relationship to be like this!! Enjoy your life man!!

To you,you yourself should know what really happen!everyone was asking and i really don't think you should not know!is 3 years ok! you choose on the friend that you only wants to contact and everyone know!i did contact you and what i get in return is either no reply or 1,2,3 days later then maybe!maybe! i will get a reply ya!i try to ignore thing that i had heard but still the same!it was funny when everyone was asking me about you which i know nothing!! SO PEOPLE!! STOP ASKING me anything about HER K!!

sec 3 was ok,sec 4 was ok..sec 5,u choose it de ok!! u choose to stay with us?!?! why!!ask yourself!!was it really because you wants to be with us huh?!?! or?!

*For reason,you never attend any gathering
*For reason,you never attend my birthday (is a YES then a NO)
*For reason,you never attend hj birthday (is a YES then a NO)
*For reason,you never wants! to celebrate your birthday with us!
*For reason you only celebrate your birthday WITH?!?!?!
*For reason you should know ALL THE ANSWER RIGHT!!

there are also some friend which SL will not hold back once they step out MY line which call FRIENDSHIP!!!