Saturday, August 23, 2008

OKOK. i saw this!!!

Course content: (1) Assorted Bun (2) Brownies (3) Marble Cake (4) Banana Cake (5) Prune Cake (6) Custard Cream Puff (7) Chiffon Cake (8) Cup Cake (9) Deep Fried Curry Puff (10) Ring Doughtnut (11) Coconut Juice Cake (12) Tiger Swiss Rolls (13) Coconut Tarts (14) Egg Tarts (15) Pandan Coconut Tarts (16) Blueberry Tarts (17) Cream Sponge Cake (18) Rum Ball

Day/Time: SUNDAY 02:30 PM - 05:30 PM

It was like OMG!!! i die die also want to attend!!!!! bt it jus happen fated to be on the sunday!!! and it jus damm damm fated that SL gt to work on sunday!!! i...i...i...speechless!!! i really die die will try to sort sth out with my mama and da jie!!! bcus both of them die die dun allow me to quit my job!!!=(