Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy day!!!

wake up early in the morning and start flipping through the books.Banana Cake and 煎饼 had been choosen to be made=) waited for the olympic for the China MAN! LIU XIANG! give up! Gosh!! damm damm wasted and sad! bt leg injury is more important ya!
Quickly went down to get my ingredient.only then i know that the pork meat seller will only be back at 1pm!! so..walk walk walk around until 12.50 with all those heavy things!

Back home start my banana cake baking.Finish done!realise that i never add in the milk which i want to try out!!argh!!-_-!! nvm.after that my 煎饼,then then,i found out that my flour is expired!! 2 new packet!!! $8 fly off!! gt to went down again to get my flour!!

~tml is shopping time~ =)