Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad morning to start work today!!!
Scolded by the TL.
Hmm,almost cry, but i keep telling myself not to.
If not it will be damm paiseh =(
Felt like crying is not due to getting "scolded"
But is due to,i seriously think 80% is not my fault.
But what to do,we are just intern!

I just hope everything to end soon.
Even though the people at there are quite fun.
But the system just " "
Chasing for our report is like we are asking them to write essay of 1000s words.
It already end of nov,but we still yet to rec our oct report!

Anyway,something good to mention,
I finally change my phone!
Xperia X10.
BUT! i don't know how to use it!!!
I take 1hrs to figure out how to copy the sim card contact.
1hrs to set up the account.
and then the rest i have yet to figure out!

Time for emails~~