Friday, November 5, 2010

I really don't want to do internship!!!!!!!!!
Everyday is just stress!!!
and i don't know whether is it wasting my time.
Stress of my work,working in SH is so seriously crazy.
Especially the department i am in.
Stress that i really can't handle HU.
I seriously don't want any fever to come visit me now!

I going to settle as many thing as possible today.
Opening my emails everyday is such a mix feeling.
Happy to see lots of emails,at the same time,i'm so scare.
Because i can't reply all at once,time is so limited =(
So much thing is not done and all the festival is coming.
I need time to do the studio shoot and the gift!
and my web....argh!!!!!

Worst,i can't get down on any decision.
I know what i need,but i just can't decide.
I want to handle everything by myself,
but i know is not possible.
Is so hard to bring up HU from start,
i don't want anything to go down =(