Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thinking of tml,i want to cry now!
Chyng is not coming!!!
I don't know if it is fate that everytime when huge shippment coming,
she will take off!!
* Not scolding you are still the best :D

But thinking of the packing,i really feel like dying~~
Plus new items is not done yet!
Everytime,at this point of time,i totally hate my internship.
Why must i intern at this point of time?!?!?!? =(
Every weekday after 10pm,my body just SUPER AUTO go into sleep mode.
I am not those late sleeper since young
hence it very tough for me to stay throughout the night to do the work.
Been doing that for a few days,
rest of the days,i will just KO even before 9pm!

The worst thing is that i am always rushing with time.
Everything is delay,all the thing that is suppose to be done,
is all not done yet or halfway done.
and seriously,i need to keep reminding myself that,
Christmas and New Year is coming,stress the hells of myself!!!!

Tell me i am not thinking too much!
Because i really wants to stop!
MENTALLY and physcially is so tired to the max already,
sometime i just feel like slapping myself.