Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick post before i start my endless work!

I had 3 week log sheet not yet done! OMG!!!!
seriously don't have the mood to do it =(

Was having chat with mummy after dinner today.
Regards to what i intend to do after i graduate.
Hmm,well,i have actually sort out roughly what i am going to do.
Well,definetly not going to further any study at the moment.
I am not those "study" type people,unlike my sis,like to study so much -_-!

Still remember last time we use to say it still long from the graduate day,
but 4 more month and we are going to graduate!
Can't wait for that day to come but at the same time,i will miss sch~ling LOL
Not the study part,but the fun and laughter during school times!!!

Sudden miss of my baking.
Been so long since i bake something.
Hmm..banana cake?! :D