Thursday, December 2, 2010

I just have to keep telling myself,
Suffer now,enjoy later!!!
I can!!!!

Oh well...who the hell at my age is doing this!!!
Start work in the morning 8am everyday!
End at 6pm,rush home and continue to work until i KO for my bed!!!
Everyday! Is the same routine.
I just hope everyday is saturday!
Because i promise myself to have at least half day OFF on saturday!

Ytd night,totally KO.
Why,my eye seriously start to hurt!
Can feel the pain when i trying my best not to "close" my eyes!
Frowning so hard when trying to look at the com!
Gosh,i dun wish to wear back the spec pls!

I need to cut my hair!
So long since i went to do manicure =(
I'm suppose to head down the shop at least one month!
I want to go JB!
I want to sleep!
Is time to start planning on the taiwan trip!
Most important,i want a perm helper!
God! Can i have all pls!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and,after changing my phone,
i can't multi task!
I cannot sms as i am walking,
feeling so scare that i will drop my phone,
cus it take 2 hands for me to type msg!
It get hang easily!
Batt die fast,
and the phone is too smart for me to use.LOL