Friday, December 31, 2010

Few more hour 2010 will be gone and 2011 is coming!!!

Last day of 2010,i'm at home,
with 2 salonpas on my neck now,
which is due to i keep turning my head to watch the tv at my back during work =(

Working with my laptop and entertainment from the tv.
What a new year eve this year!
At least daddy treat me and mama for dinner just now=)

Morning start with a bad day.
Got a super irritating colleauge,which me and tricia dislike the most.
Scold me like he is my TL when he is just a normal staff like us.
Seriously KNN,felt like giving him a tight slap!!!!!!

At least,a call that i rec in the evening make the day :D

Next year,is the 11th year of OLDIES anniversary!!!!
(If i never count wrongly,lol)
15th Year with jas and kw,
11th year with zx
Love damm lots
The ones that will never fail to leave me alone,
will always turn up whenever i need them
Nothing will goes wrong with them around,nothing will let me trade them for!!!!

6th Year with my secondary peeps :D

15th Year with SEEMUN!!!!

3 years with my fav/forever shopping khaki,FELICIA LAU

and many many more,my poly mates :D :D

What can i say,
I'm really bless to have all these friends!!!!!!

Not forgetting my 2 stupid sisters,
which had been calling me to wake up every morning for work.

then seeing them sleeping when i am out off to work =(

That it,back to my emails~~~