Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Was feeling quite empty stomach now!
Food that i consume today,is all out!
My forever hard working digestive system!!
I think it had been spoil somewhere in bewteen which cause me visit toilet more than anywhere.

Was thinking to get a piece of cheese to eat,
but i decide to visit the weighing machine 1st before going to the kitchen.
The thought of getting the cheese......ALL GONE IN 1 SEC!!!!
Walk back to lappy and continue whatever i am doing...

I think my stomach somehow did the right thing by going spoil.
Pls let all the food out before school reopen!!!!

*To those people,who i owe photos to...LOL..
Pls forgive me for not sending,i am like damm lazy!!! I admit it ok!!!
The only way to get your photo is to nag and nag me till u receive the photo,giving me hell lots of stress,maybe like threaten me or sth..hahaha..(fel u are not applicable for using the threaten method) or copy it from my blog :D