Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am so tired and frustated by all those last min cancelling.
Is super annoying!
Where am i suppose to get a last min model or photographer everytime!!
Even though it is a FOC service.
But certain rules/service u people need to have,
if in the 1st place you are the ones offering the service right!!

*Going to look for a paid one now!
I just feel like ^%$*&^*^%(&(^!!!!

Anyway,was thinking should i close down the shop.
Is so stressful and tiring handling it alone!
But,just don't bare to close it.

My feet is in such a pain now after wearing the heels for 12hrs ytd!!
Finally brought the hard disk.
I am offically BROKE again!!!
Shall not go for any big shopping trips anymore until i have the $300!!!

Tea make people awake.
Have a cup of milktea ytd night and it cause me to sleep at 5plus in the morning -_-!

Photos post will be up when my laptop is back.
Currently using da jie one!