Monday, September 14, 2009

My laptop is coming back soon :D

Will updates on the post for the previous days when lappy is back =)

Went to reko aunt house today! teach her little cousin chinese.
The standard is so high now.
It was our pri 4 standard and now it is what a pri 2 kid is learning.

Finally have ideas on what to do for PP!
Now is left with putting the different points into sentences.Which is the hardest.

Went to hosp ytd.
He really is a strong person.
Unlike me,i don't think i might be like him,staying that strong.
Stay Strong ya :D

Sometime really have no ideas what jie thinking.
She seem to be eating some "tiger" pills when talking to daddy.
Totally using some shouting plus demanding ways.
Sometime i also had the urge like "slapping" her.
But too bad.She is da jie.-_-
* Stop behaving like that!!!! act like a adult pls!!!
and days at home with her is like training my patience.the moment she wake up.
she start scolding me for everything,every single thing.
Telling me how irriating i am when i at if the home belong all the hers!!
dunnoe what the hell wrong with her man!

Ok.ranting for today that all!