Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday 4th sept.

K-boxing with oldies.
Dinner at kovan HK cafe.
Yeap,is HK cafe again!!! My fav place to eat :D

Zx can really be our joker of the day!
Shall not blog out what you did.
Save your reputation for u. LOL

Saturday 5th sept

Dinner at Geylang.
Have my Ramily burger and mei have her roti john!!!
Not forgetting our must get "food" when we go there (don't know the name of it)
After that was "short" mj at zw house!


New show : 拜托小姐
Korea show!!! Quite nice and fun.
Anyway,tomorrow onward i have to stay at home and stay to do real work.
Save money too!!!
PP!!! Hope i can really start doing it.

Thing not done yet.
- Meet up with seemun for treat!!! (I'm waiting for your off day ya :D )
- Meet up with cliques!!! Going to have one before school start!