Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whole day out with my gemini crapper zx!!!! :D :D (always fun with her )

Wake up early in the morning and wait for her to come,off we go to chinatown.
Lost in the middle of the road,call for SOS (woke dan up in his slp~ps ya.LOL )
none know the way~ LOL,so we decide to go using bus 51 direction..hahaha..

Breakfast cum lunch at the food center there,then went to do my things.
After that went to expo to zx to do her "stupid" thing.Not she is stupid,is the meeting she went is..-_-~~ to her in the end.Jas came and meet us and then off we go to ikea!!!

Never miss ikea hotdog!!!

Trolley that i insist!! =)

Dinner at there and gossip all the ways from expo to ikea!!!shop around there and went to meet zw to yishun dam.A nice place =)

~playing with zw bike while the other 2 went to do some "illegal" thing!!! LOL

~deciding on which ways to go back~~

slack at there for erm,forget how long then went to kovan to eat nasi lemak for zw dinner.By that time,we gals are all damm tired. Home!!!!

*We conclude that i have the potential to be a bus/taxi driver in future. =)
The 2 of them are dumb on street~LOL..WHAHAHAHAHA

(more photo to be upload)