Friday, June 19, 2009

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY ZI XIN!!! (My gemini crapper always) :D

Saw seemun online today in school.
Tell her that i wanna meet her without any planning.Random.
and she say YES!
So she was at my house for 2 hrs to hear all my talking.My troubles and problems.
From my blogshop to my personal thing.
Problem was almost all solve.Thank my saver!

Finally my withches is back to school!!!Hugged ah ke when i saw her!!!haha.
Missing each other like hell man! and Shalom appear too beore UT!
Going to meet them for dinner tml :D

Yeap,my shandy aunty cum leader.
Was helping me and charging me free for herself to let the photographer to take photo of her for my blogshop.
(which intially,she get paid to be shoot)
But i think have to slow down the process of this 1st.Importants thing to do.