Monday, June 8, 2009

I was there,talking to zx on bus.
About a friend i had.for years.(for now 2 friends maybe)
Am i really shock when i heard another name?
YES!for this.

Something happen.
I refuse to ask anything.
Until i start to sense some weridy things happening.
Or just because this type of thing had happen too many time since past.
I told zx.since past,i know everything about it.
but i want to keep the friendship.really.
Even till now,i know the reason,the caused.
I choose to keep quiet.
Be it really i want this friendship or is it i'm scare.Whatsoever.

The point is i will choose to stay quiet on this issues.
maybe when i decide is time for me to be brave again.

To you,you should do all these on friends that i had not know for long.
Not friends that i know them long enough to know them well .Like you.