Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday (25th june)

Days out with the oldies this time round and the guys.Dramatic things happen!

Went off early and ps dear shandy leaving her alone in our =)
Rush home as i am late and everyone is rushing me!!!
Fetch everyone up and we went to..erm..ya.ikea again!LOL
Had the $1 hotdog!! Giant to get the food zx wanted and my vitasoy choco.

The hotdog girl!!!

Fetch stan up to ah chow place for basketball bcus intially stan was suppose to go out with us after that.
But in the end ps us! -_-!
At least we have some entertaining BB match to watch~~

Dinner at chomp chomp with another person guan san.
Then to pick up xuan ren and off we go to the dam.
Ok,the most unlucky thing happen there...

Ah chow was asked down from his halfway slp to be our driver.
Supper at prata house and then home.Stupid cats!!!!
i really need to shut my eyes for prawning with the cliques in the nights.
It was 3 plus in the morning when i reach home to sleep.