Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet up with the oldies gp ytd.
Yes yes,we are still in contact with each other after 9 years or more
after graduating from our primary sch.
These people are damm precious.LOL
Most people either never had any contact with their primary school friends or only a few.
I have 6 to 8 so far and is still counting :D

After school singsing accompany to my sourcing trip.Thanks lots gals!
All the sweating and the scary places.LOL.
Wait for daddy to come fetch us home.
Quick bath and faster do my homework.
Waiting for my 1st and ever female driver to come!ZXZXZXZXZX!!!!!

Went to pick up the guys and decide to go to holland village!!!
ZW with his bike and ZX with the car :D
Went to breko to have dinner and supper.
wanted to continue slacking at the comfortable place but due to mj,
Mj at zw place for awhile till 1 plus going 2
and is time to be home sweet home.sch tml!!!

*Alvin is damm parenting.WHY!
he is like my parent,asking me in a very parenting way to go diet.
Taking him as the role models!LOL

*ZX is speeding.at the highest of 130km/h!!!gosh! bcus i was sitting in front.
Is damm scary,and i was most of the time shouting or telling her to slow down.
and she drive with one leg.


She is driving with one leg!!!!!

At Breko

Spot the Biker!!!


The forever very slow player which can fight with jas.