Thursday, March 19, 2009

So many photo and things for me to blog..but bcus of the stupid virus!!
Jas say that will have to "kill" finish all those virus in my com before i can do any more transfer inorder to save my com and hp..(all my photo is in my phone)..But i'm just too tired to delete it just too many!! will find one day to just sit beside my lappy to "numb" my finger then.

I finally had my mac breakfast this week!!!!and then the super duper early mahjong session..dear jas was winning like 3 out of 4 least zx didn't lose so much this time ya!!! is going to say : (It was me this time ok!!!) LOL

Next was buffet with family at sakura without daddy!! thanks to my young sis who choosen sakura!!!and our conversation for whole day was so fun.both sis is just trying their best to "outcast" me in future.well,i'm sure they will love me much at least for the sake of having meals when they are hungry in future and now :D
~ i still think chocolate make my younger sis goes round~

I'm in such a bad mood since ytd night till now..just don't try to tell me something which you know i might scream at you k!!!

oh!last is...i finally receive a msg which i hope to receive and not to receive it at the same time...which is ~do report to work nxt wk~ =(=( :D :D (money or no)

*sry to girls which i'm not able to go out with u all..will do it before sch reopen ya* (i try to promise) LOL