Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally,i went to see the doctor after having month of sleepless night and pillssss of panadol!!!
Doctor say it is allergic,sensitive and i think is something which will keep on following me for my lifes..=( and was given this spray thingy for my poor nose!!!

OK,god didn't send any young girl to my dream ytd!!(sound so wrng) LOL...but someone did came to me and seemun mind...wan to know who?! lookout for next collection then =)

Photo shoot today!!!is the last time i going to see seemun(for photo shooting only)
she still mine even after that!!! LOL...and she lost weight again!!!should be size 6 - 8 now!!!was going to throw her down my house bcus she keep saying : "i really lose weight" :D

Shopping with mama tml and i think i'm going to bake something tml if everything goes well =)