Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back from chalet!! is getting lesser and lesser people.But still is fun :D
Ton at mel hs the day before and i still want to say here :her lappy is so "sensitive" la...hahahaha..

Morning keep on asking her to wake up!!! i was not slping throughout the night.Meet the guys at hougang mall then cab to downtown after buying all the drinks and lunch.
Then is to wait for people to start coming in!!! Start our BBQ =)

Game play during the night.Heart attack, murderer and detective.Is so so so funny and fun!!! hard to describe here but during the m&d game so many innocent people die..hahahaha...due to some people who like to think themselves as the murderer even if they are not!! LOL

Then the guys decide to play hide and seek and then more talks.
Well for girls,we like to do gossiping about everything and what about the guys?!?!? They like to "gossip" about their "hero" acts of bullying other student or friend during their school life!!!