Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finally i went to the tampines Giant! woot~~~
*My dad just refuse to go everytime we went there =(

Meet zx to Ikea,Giant and J8 today!!!

Have our lunch at Ikea!!! nice~ bt the price was consider ex to me!!! shop around there and have fun at the utensils area (cups,plate,bottle,jar...etc) so many things i wanted to buy...will ask my dad to drive me there nxt time!!! then after that went to giant! on the way there,the mud on the grass was driving her crazy and she is trying to harass as many baby who is moving near her..LOL

Then bus back to hougang to bus to J8 again..is so tiring sitting on bus!! Library 1st,is always fun to go library with her or places which had book!! well...u know why right!! zx!!! hahahah..Shop at the mall and i finally brought all the presents!!! collect jie lappy,dinner at long john sliver and last shopping at ntuc..then is home sweet home!!

There never a quiet moment when two gemini are tgt!!! LOL :D

( Finally i have the chance to eat this at IKEA )