Sunday, March 29, 2009

My foots was so so pain after standing for so long!!! 8hrs!!!

Ok,i finally decide,i should change my supplier and will be stopping all the bag spree from now.

All the shippment have been giving me so much of problem and the supplier doesn't really seem like wanting to help and coperate!! talking to them,the seller or the supplier,make me wanna scold or i might just scream or strangle them if they are just beside me -_-!
think i will just forget about that 2 parcel which is either lying around at their post office or watever,if my supplier don't want to help!!!i just want to throw my lappy away when i talk to them!!!

Finally again,i'm flipping through my baking book now! yes! mummy and jie was nagging nagging for the cakes!! and their nagging is going to turn into scolding if i still don't bake anything during this super long holiday!!!mummy want banana cake and jie wants egg tart!but,i don't think i will be baking either 2..LOL...shall see =)