Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meeting of oldies girls in the evening ytd...did sth quite stupid at hk cafe!!!have our dinner at prata shop!!!Good time always fly fast!!!lots lots of thing left unsaid...will be meeting soon ya=)=)RJ totally never come into my mind until i saw the time and it stated 11pm!!!!sooooo..cabby home!11.40plus,i'm still thinking on how to i still manage to submit on time...after doing all my thing,i'm soooo sooo tired!can't even open my eyes fully to reply msn.LOL.once i lie down on my bed,something strike me again!!!!i never did the QUIZ!!!!just hope that cognitive faci will not be like enterprise faci!!!1 grade down=(

throw out everything, i know you girls will always be there!!right!!felt more better after that..

Today was almost late!morning weather is so nice!computing UT,i think i will get a ...hmm...D?!nth much today...just that i'm very slpy the whole day!oh!!ya!!!i just can't believe it man!!!!哈林 and 伊能静 divorce!!!!omg!!!伊能静 is damm bad!!(if what being reported is true) always thought that she is a very nice and good wife..

bt things still got to be decide by me...i'm really thinking hard now!!!