Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I reali done nothing today in class...bcus i was in my gals team...ok..i was bad.reali...big thanks to chelsea!!!!if not we sure die one...and fel for doing the equation from beinging to the end,even though she still nv get the ans!!LOL and vanessa for copying the thing=)=)...VPN is coming out soon....worst!!!

Planning to slp early today...bt after doing my thing,i realise is already 10.30!!!and mei mei insist of me pei her until 11.30 while she study for her tml last paper!!!!so as a "KIND" and "NICE" sister..i'm still using com now!!!!was getting more and more to like my study room!!!is so nice to stay in the room,bcus is soooo much tidy and clean now!!!and is windy and cold at night without needed to switch on the fan!!!

Thing will only get better if you tell...i reali dun like mia...nth can be done like this..