Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally,done!!! BIG Thanks for those who helps =)!!!!!!!!

think my eye sight is getting bad!!!min 8hrs of staring at the com everyday!!! nv when to school today!!!do all those thing in the morning and then sent mei mei to aunt hs after eating dinner at bedok!1o days man!!!so long!!!! least chyng is here!!!bt all 3 of us will not be able to see each other on weekend!!!i hate working!!!!!!!! choice=(
Things are running in my mind,is hard to type somedays later then..going to have my sleep now!!!been slping damm late lately..ytd was chatting with zx and was "stunned" by the high technology la..LOL...i can hear her voice man!!! and her sis was so funny,started dream talking after 20 to 30 min of sleep!!!