Sunday, November 23, 2008


Celebration of two gals b'dae ytd!!! went vivo in the afternoon to celebrate lx b'dae!!! have thai accent for lunch!!!ok,i really dun think i'm suitable to eat thai food!!!is spicy and sour!!!a very nice and cold enviroment!!!do lots of gossiping,chatting,talking,laughing!!!!so shiok man!!!!and that stupid lx trying hard to spoil what me and xy "PLAN"!!! stupid gal man!!!feel like making her faint at that point of time..LOL

After that went to see the volunteer booth!!is quite small..took some of the brouches and then try to "persuade"lx to other place to sit and discuss which one should we join...and finally,we drag her to BAKERZIN!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! so,the cake was serve!!!!

then after that do some shop shop and then decide to go to city hall =)

Shop at raffles while waiting for mel mel tan to reach to our second celebration place and then bye bye to my two girls!!!
Sharon Birthday!!!=)
dinner at Changing Appetize!!!share food with mel as both of us are not hungry..sit at there and do some chatting until alex and kimwee came,so crazy laughing started with alex,km and ling!!! haii..poor ling...started with km jiu became more 色 色 le..LOL..hahahahaha...and ling insist that she wanted to be greedy and wanted to have two husband at a time!!!is damm funny la!!!OKOK..back to in birthday cake was out when the gals went to toilet!!!

After that went over to esplande and do some slacking and chatting...then dun know who..say wanted some off we go to kovan for beancurd...finish my share in 5 min and then is time to say good bye as it is going 12,the cab fees will be damm ex sia!!LOL
(more photo will be upload after i got it =) to go do my RJ now!!!and then off to work!!!haii..SIAN ar!!!!