Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet out lx for lunch!!! so tired of eating tasteless porridge at home!!!! sad!!!the two evil twin started working le!!!i'm still thinking should i go back to work?!?! not wrking for so long at weekend is soooooo good,no work,no customer,no need long standing but aso equal to no MONEY!!! =( baking class today...teacher went taiwan!!!watch finish "my girl"...nxt i wan to watch some hong kong drama!!!

Like so long i nv went to sch le!!! so tml!!!science man!!! least can see those crazy classmate =)

Yes Yes and not forgetting,my ex wife!!! say she wan me back again!!! WHAHAHAHA...alright then..let find one day and go sign the paper!!hahaha..i will take the odd days and km will take the even days and sundays k =) =) LOL...Let go sing sing soon!!!