Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alright,today was still doing nothing the whole day and only watching the show again the whole day!!!If not for chelsea same group as me,i doubt my team will let me present..LOL...okok...anyway,i will stop watching the show too much and contribute some idea tml onward!!!bcus py is going to lend me her DVD!!mean i will be able to watch it at home without using the laptop=)=)

When for the nailart course after school...hmm...quite ok only,not very fun,but did learn some useful skill...nxt time will be able to "blink" my hand in fornt of the gals again!!hahahaha...Luvy sim!!!! u u u u u GOOD!!!!!i going to ask py to give me the divorce letter soon le!!!! uu uuu uuuuu!!argh!!!! =)